ZincMatTM Specs

Zinc is the Superior Material
Here's Why

Large rolls of sheet metal stacked on top of each other in a warehouse

Zinc > Copper

ZincMatTM provides both safety and economic advantages. The electrochemical potential of ZincMatTM in soils, waters, and other corrosion media is always more active than that of steel, cast iron, and other ferrous materials in construction.

When ZincMatTM is electrically coupled to the structure, the galvanic cell formed protects that steel rather than corrode the structure. (Copper does not do this)

ZincMatTM can be attached directly to the structure or be installed in conjunction with polarization cells or solid-state isolator/surge protectors (ISP) and polarization cell replacements (PCR). These devices are used to cathodically isolate the structure from the ground. Cathodically isolating ZincMatTM from the structure would result in an extended life expectancy for ZincMatTM.

Electrical grounding systems design should be conducted by qualified personnel.

ZincMatTM Applications

ZincMatTM can be used as a gradient control mat or as a cathodic protection anode. Click on the graphics below to learn more about how ZincMatTM can solve your safety and corrosion problems.

3 common industry uses
u.s. patent no. 6,866,770